Art Direction, UX & UI
“Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Tesla is a California-based technology company that is revolutionizing the automotive and battery storage industries. Using world-class technology, design, and manufacturing processes, Tesla has developed a new generation of electric vehicles and battery storage solutions. In addition to retail stores and an online eCommerce platform, Tesla sells directly to its customers.

Tesla’s website presents a unique challenge due to its unique business model. In addition to providing its customers with an eCommerce layer where they can configure and order their vehicles directly from the website, the company also offers educational tools for its customers. In my role as a UX Designer, I created experiences that captured the impressive features of vehicles and energy products by implementing essential UI elements and imagery. Additionally, I made sure each page was purposely designed to convey vital information that would help the user build trust in the products’ quality and craftsmanship.
As prospective customers and Tesla owners frequently inquire about charging, a dedicated experience is imperative to understand the charging story. In order to compare the costs to operate an electric vehicle with a gasoline-powered vehicle, Tesla’s charging page provides essential charging facts, infrastructure information, and a calculator that shows you real-time savings. It was also imperative to show the number and locations of Tesla charging stations around the country. This gave customers a sense of comfort around range anxiety, no matter how far they traveled.
Due to the rapid growth of Tesla over the past few years, Tesla had to change their business model in order to meet the high demand for its electric vehicles. As one way to address the demand, I partnered with the product team to develop a user-friendly inventory site to allow customers to search for Tesla models by location, battery, drive, paint, interior, etc. In addition to the tool, the user could create a Tesla account to save, compare, and share listings with others. Tesla’s inventory site has proven vital for communication between the company and its customers, and thousands of users have utilized it worldwide.