Art Direction, UX & UI
As part of a collaboration with Box’s Growth marketing team, we had to ensure that conversions were increased while maintaining a consistent look and feel across the entire website. In order to arrive at this final design, over 10 versions were created and tested. The elements tested included background images, recommendation engines, different numbers of plans displayed, toggle switches for annual and monthly payments, and different pricing options. As a result of all the learnings that were gained from the A/B tests that were run and the optimal user experience that adheres to brand guidelines, the current iteration of the page was created.
This page is the most heavily trafficked, and it aims to attract, engage, and convert visitors. It introduces the visitor to the three main pillars of Box’s services: Security, Collaboration and Integrations. Our growth team and I conducted multiple A/B tests continuously to optimize conversion outcomes.
Features & Products
In addition to storing content in the cloud, Box offers a wide range of features and products for businesses and individuals. To best tell its story, each page was carefully designed with value points and attributes. The narrative was supported by visually appealing graphics and informative content to support each value point. Multiple A/B tests were continuously run to optimize conversion rates.
Due to the unique needs each industry has when it comes to running its business, it was essential for Box to communicate how Box can assist them in finding solutions. Box offers products tailored to a variety of industries, including government, financial services, and healthcare. In collaboration with Product Marketing, each industry page has been carefully crafted with products that meet the needs of specific industries.